Past Trips

One day hiking trip in azalea blossom season

Join us for 1 day hiking in Suzhou to explore beautiful sakura garden, hike the highest mountain in Suzhou, have picnic on the grass and meet new friends!
per person
April 21st

Hike 19 peaks and glass walk + azalea flowers blossom

Hike watery rice terraces, mountains and waterfalls! You will be amazed! Explore remote area of Zhejiang province and witness original countryside lifestyle that still remains there!
per person
April 20 – 22

1 day Chongming island cycling trip! 1天崇明岛自行车出行!

Let's enjoy a relaxing cycling day in a beautiful island far away from city noise, enjoy peaceful nature and views of Yantze river and East China Sea! Relax and have a
per person
April 15

1 day Sakura hiking trip. April 15th, Sunday

Date: April 15th, Sunday *THE HIGHLIGHTS* * Visit the biggest spot for sakura appreciation in the East of China * Breathe fresh air far from city noise * Meet new friends!  
per person
April 14 – 15

Camping on the Wild Great Wall! 在长城露营!

Camping on the unknown to tourists part of Great Wall! We'll be having bbq and bonfire party, watch the stars and the moon and wake up early to see the sunrise
per person
April 6 – 7, April 30 – May 1, May 19 – 20, June 23 – 24, July 21 – 22, Aug 25 – 26, Sept 22 – 23, Oct 3 – 4

“Beautiful water”: breathtaking Yunhe rice terraces!

Let's have some fresh air and explore top 10 rice terrace in one weekend(you don't even have to fly to Yangshuo!) Go hiking in one of the most beautiful rice terraces
per person
April 5 – 7

Let’s visit chocolate factory together!

All you can eat organic Austrian artisan chocolate... what else can you ask for? Do you know how chocolate is created? What do freshly roasted cocoa beans or cheese in chocolate taste like?
per person
April 1

Peach flower viewing and strawberry picking!

Note: Real pictures from 2017 peach blosom season although it could look differently from the pictures due to the weather and temperature.   Hiking info: Duration: 2-3 hours. Level: beginner and
per person
March 31

Rapeseed flower terraces and melted glacier hiking trip! March 25th

Date: March 25th Join us for one day hiking and climbing* the remainings of a glacier - the stone waves: unique stone formations as a result of a melted glacier thousands
per person

Hike in the “Paradise of Rapeseed Yellow Flowers”!

Don't miss the chance to see cascading terraced fields, untouched nature, beautiful mountains and an authentic Huizhou culture village!
per person
March 23 – 25