Past Trips

One day purple flower sea, hiking and pipa picking!

*THE HIGHLIGHTS* * Escape from Shanghai pollution for 1 day in the nature * Take beautiful pictures in the purple flower sea , it blooms only once a year! * Stay healthy
per person
May 27

Qingshan lake kayaking, swimming and SUP!

*THE HIGHLIGHTS* * Enjoy the fresh air on a lake with the area of 10 square kilometers! * Various fun activities in nature: kayaking, swimming, SUP * Reconnect with nature * Kayaking is
per person
May 26

Camping trip to WILD CHINA, Shangri-la of the East!

It is time to turn off your cell phone, pack everything you need to survive in a isolated but beautiful part of east zhejiang province!
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May 25 – 27

Horse riding on the island + mulberry picking!

Horseback riding can be one of the most enjoyable and fun experiences to become close to the nature - to experience our ancestors way of life and relive it.  Ride a
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May 13

One day Moganshan hiking and picnic trip!

Whether you have already been in Moganshan or no, there is always something more to explore! Join us for 1 day hiking trip in Moganshan bamboo forest! We will take the
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May 12

Via ferrata, hiking and rafting adventure!

Date: May 11-13th *THE HIGHLIGHTS* * Experience Via Ferrata (Iron road in English): it is an exciting adventure! * Hiking with breathtaking view * Have White water rafting fun!  ******DESTINATION****** Shenxian Ju means
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May 11 – 13

1 day tea terraces and bamboo forest hiking!

Join us for 1 day hiking in spectacular tea terraces, enjoy a breathtaking view from the top, walk through a bamboo forest with and small streams and waterfalls, breath clean air
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May 6

One day hiking on Taihu lake

*THE HIGHLIGHTS* * Spend one day far away from the city * See breathtaking view of Taihu lake and its small islands from the top * Meet a group of like-minded
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April 30

Qingshan lake cycling, hiking and kayaking trip!

*THE HIGHLIGHTS* * Enjoy the fresh air on a lake with the area of 10 square kilometers * Various fun activities in nature: cycling, kayaking and hiking * Kayak through the waterforest *
per person
April 29 – May 1

Hike mt. Azalea and mt. Desert + zip-line!

***HIGHLIGHTS*** * Wild Azalea flowers and off road mountain hiking to avoid tons of tourists! * Visit the most famous meditation temple/cave in China * Sand sliding on mt. Desert if you
per person
3 days
April 29 – May 1