Past Trips

Hike incredible “Eyes of East China” and giant buddha head!

Did you know there is place with Guilin-like scenery just near Shanghai? Come and experience it yourself! Giant Buddha, watery rice terraces, mountains and waterfalls! You will be amazed! Explore remote area of
per person
3 days
May 20 – 22nd

BEIJING: escape to the mountains during May holiday!

(share this trip in your WeChat moments and get 100 rmb discount!) Get away from noisy and crowed Beijing to a quiet place! Even still near Beijing, you will feel completely different
per person
3 days
April 30th – May 2nd

Off-trail hiking in bamboo forest in Anji + Rafting!

Forget about Shanghai pollution! Visit the biggest bamboo forest in China! Go to see Anji's mountains, waters and pure air! The ecological tour area covers one-tenth of the Zhejiang total area!
per person
3 days
April 22- 24th

Unique boat festival and spring blossom at wetland!

Have you ever seen a real boat festival in China? It's a unique cultural experience! Theatrical performances, dragon and lion dances and other folk dances are staged right on board of boats!
per person
2 days
April 15 – 17th

Need some adrenaline? BUNGEE JUMPING time! March 26th!

How often do you want to "suicide" at work? If you want to do it, but not alone, here is the perfect chance for you! We go bungee jumping and celebrate
per person
1 Day
March 26th