Hike in the “Paradise of Rapeseed Yellow Flowers”!

Don't miss the chance to see cascading terraced fields, untouched nature, beautiful mountains and an authentic Huizhou culture village!
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March 23 – 25

One day relax in the natural hot springs!

It's time to treat your body and soul relaxing natural hot springs... Treat yourself a day of relax and enjoyment in NATURAL hot springs resort! There are 33 indoor and outdoor
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March 18

Air Vitamin Mt hiking + hot spring!

Let's go climbing Air Vitamin mountain and relax in the best hot springs in Wuyi, Zhejiang province. Altitude of Air Vitamin mountain, which is called Ox head mt by the locals,
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March 16 – 18

One day plum blossom and strawberry picking trip

Would you like to make new friends and enjoy outdoors? Join us for a one day plum blossom viewing and strawberry picking. We will visit the "plum sea" and one of the
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March 11

One day hiking and hot springs trip!

Join us for a half day hiking at Dayang mountain National forest park: walking across a bamboo forest, you may come to the square of Manjusri Temple, home to hand sculptures
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March 4

Social Indian party – Holi festival celebration!

Culture and cuisine discovery 3rd edition: India! Holi also known as the "festival of colours" or the "festival of love". The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end
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March 3

One day plum blossom viewing and hot springs! 20.02

Date: February 20th Join us for a one day plum blossom viewng: you can wander around beautiful plum trees, breath fresh air and meet new friends! Relax in the hot springs afterwards: there
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Feb 20

SNOW HIKING: One day ancient ghost trail hiking! February 4th

Get away from the city noise for one day hiking of mysterious ghost trail! Now it is a unique chance to experience hiking in the snow: we will provide crampon (special cover
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Feb 4

Luxury hot springs escape!

Spend a weekend in a natural hot springs resort with your beloved one or your whole family! A weekend of relax, healthy hot springs baths, tasty food and cultural discovery -
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Feb 3 – 4

Harbin Ice and Snow festival!

Visit the first Snow Country in China: the famous Harbin Ice Festival Wonderland, the biggest Siberian Tiger park in the world, wander around Russian street and visit the biggest Orthodox church
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Jan 19 – 21