Maple tree festival and off-trail hiking!

In this trip we will visit the famous mountaun holding maple tree festival with acrobatic perfomances, beautiful red leaves, fresh air, lakes and views from the mountain!
per person
Nov 12th

Stone village and Ninghai hot springs!

11.5 KM mountain hiking will give your an idea of Jiangsu and Zhejiang mountains, rows, ancient villages, abandoned stone houses, forests and tea plantations. The five hour of hike will have
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Nov 3 – 5

Paragliding + BBQ + ancient town

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Oct 27 – 29

Hike amazing Hui Hang ancient Trail!

Join us for our charming escape to the Hui Hang trail,the best hiking in east China– (from Anhui to Hangzhou) China.
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Oct 21 – 22

1 day tea terraces and bamboo forest hiking!

Join us for 1 day hiking in spectacular tea terraces, enjoy a breathtaking view from the top, walk through a bamboo forest with and small streams and waterfalls, breath clean air
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Oct 21

Hike Wuyue Ancient Trail and Largest Heavenly Lake!

Have picnic at a gorgeous Heavenly lake at the height of 1100 meters above sea level - number 1 lake in Southern China!
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Oct 5 – 7

Inner Mongolia: Nomadic life experience!

Explore Inner Mongolia: here you can meet with Mongolian tradition and culture, admire open wide steppe and blue sky. Enjoy and get nomadic experience via herder's way of life: Destination: UNESCO World Heritage
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Explore Sichuan: Chengdu pandas, Jiuzhaigou, giant buddha!

Chengdu - the famous city of panda! Have you ever seen panda? In this trip you'll see the cute creatures!  Visit pandas, enjoy Sichuan hot pot, walk in the famous Wide
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Oct 1 – 8

Relax in the swimming pool in bamboo forest!

Join us for a relaxing weekend in bamboo forest: relax in the swimming pool surrounded  by the forest, enjoy a leisure hike to see waterfalls, try rafting and meet new friends
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Sept 9 – 10

“Beautiful water”: breathtaking Yunhe rice terraces!

Join our unique culture trip: hike watery rice terraces (just like in Yangshuo!), learn about life of She minority, see spectacular "snow waterfall" at the height of 1600 meters! Destination: Lishui
per person
Sept 1 -3