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Luxurious hot springs escape!

Spend a weekend in a luxurious 5 star hotel and hot spring! A weekend of relax, healthy hot springs baths, tasty food and cultural discovery - an ancient town with more
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Maple tree festival and off-trail hiking!

In this trip we will visit the famous mountaun holding maple tree festival with acrobatic perfomances, beautiful red leaves, fresh air, lakes and views from the mountain!
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Nov 12th

Hike 19 peaks with autumn views!

Hike watery rice terraces, mountains and waterfalls! You will be amazed! Explore remote area of Zhejiang province and witness original countryside lifestyle that still remains there!
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Nov 10 – 12

Hike amazing Hui Hang ancient Trail!

Join us for our charming escape to the Hui Hang trail,the best hiking in east China– (from Anhui to Hangzhou) China.
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Oct 21 – 22

Horse riding on the island + oranges picking!

Horseback riding can be one of the most enjoyable and fun experiences to become close to the nature - to experience our ancestors way of life and relive it.  Ride a
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Oct 22

Camping on the Wild Great Wall! 在长城露营!

Camping on the unknown to tourists part of Great Wall! We'll be having bbq and bonfire party, watch the stars and the moon and wake up early to see the sunrise
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Oct 1 – 2

Camping on the Sunrise Mountain!

This trip is about hiking through rivers and rice terraces to the top of the "Sunrise Mountain" - the highest mountain in East China and the first place to see the sunrise
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Oct 2 – 4

Qiandao lake (1000 islands): kayaking and swimming trip!

Explore thousands islands lake (Qiandao lake) in kayak, on your bike or hiking! Get you waterproof camera ready for this incredible experience!
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Oct 2 – 4

1 day Chongming island cycling trip! 1天崇明岛自行车出行!

Let's enjoy a relaxing cycling day in a beautiful island far away from city noise, enjoy peaceful nature and views of Yantze river and East China Sea! Relax and have a
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Oct 29th

Inner Mongolia: Wild Nature and Nomadic life experience! 内蒙古!

内蒙古:野生自然和游牧生活体验! Explore Inner Mongolia: here you can meet with Mongolian tradition and culture, admire open wide steppe and blue sky. Enjoy and get nomadic experience via herder's way of life: *
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Oct 3 – 8