Near Shanghai

Lin’an kayaking and swimming in natural pool!

Let's welcome the summer together! Live for 2 days surrounded by mountains, far away from city noise, meet new friends and stay healthy , hiking is the best exercise! Destination: Lin'an, Zhejiang
per person
July 29 – 30

River trekking and swimming adventure in bamboo forest!

The summer is here, what is a better wait to relax and spend an amazing day in the nature? Let's go to Anji for swimming in natural pool, see numerous waterfalls, hiking
per person
July 30

Yoga and meditation retreat in a temple! 寺庙瑜伽和冥想!

If you are looking for a getaway where you can really get away from it all, treat yourself a weekend of detox, relax, purification and inner peace and balance! No matter
per person
Aug 4 – 6

GET WET AND WILD: rafting and swimming in natural pool!

  What is a better wait to relax and spend an amazing day in the nature? Let's go swimming in a natural pool with crystal clean water in the heart of
per person
Aug 6th

Qiandao lake (1000 islands): kayaking and cycling trip!

Explore thousands islands lake (Qiandao lake) in kayak, on your bike or hiking! Get you waterproof camera ready for this incredible experience!
per person
Aug 11 – 13

Moganshan hiking and swimming trip!

Let's go to beautiful Moganshan for hiking in the bamboo forest, cycling between the mountains, swim in a green blue lake and much more!
per person
Aug 19 – 20

One day kayaking in the lake!

Kayaking in the lake is a fun and easy activity that doesn't require previous experience. It is suitable for all fitness levels! Spend a day exploring a peaceful lake in kayak!
per person
July 22

River hiking/swimming/cliff jumping and camping!

The summer is hot and nothing can be better than river hiking and swimming in natural pool in this season! We will jump from the cliff, swim and play in the water,
per person
July 21 – 23

Let’s visit Austrian organic chocolate factory together!

All you can eat organic Austrian artisan chocolate... what else can you ask for? Do you know how chocolate is created? What do freshly roasted cocoa beans or cheese in chocolate taste like?
per person
July 9

1 day Chongming island cycling trip! 1天崇明岛自行车出行!

Let's enjoy a relaxing cycling day in a beautiful island far away from city noise, enjoy peaceful nature and views of Yantze river and East China Sea! Relax and have a
per person
July 15