Grapes picking, waterfalls and swimming trip! August 11th

*THE HIGHLIGHTS* * All-you-can-eat yummy grapes! * Reconnect with the nature and see various waterfalls! * See in a beautiful reservoir surrunded by mountains * Fun day outside of the city
per person
Aug 11

Tantou island: camping under the milky way

Highlight: - Camping destination -Best place to see the milkyway -Yummy seafood on the island -Real beach where you can get tanned! Destination: Tantou island is the origin of Chinese fishing
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Aug 10 – 12

River trekking and swimming adventure in bamboo forest!

The summer is here, what is a better wait to relax and spend an amazing day in the nature? Let's go to Anji for swimming in natural pool, see numerous waterfalls, hiking
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Aug 5

Qiandao lake (1000 islands): kayaking and swimming trip!

Explore thousands islands in kayak, on your bike or hiking! Get you waterproof camera ready for this incredible experience!
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3 days
Aug 3 – 5

Escape to bamboo forest: swimming and hiking trip!

*THE HIGHLIGHTS* * Enjoy the fresh air far from city noise! * Reconnect with nature * Relax in the swimming pool surrounded by bamboo forest * Try rafting if you dare *
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July 28 – 29

Butterfly valley river trekking:waterfall climb and slide!

Butterfly valley is a fantastic river trek in the middle of bamboo forest; butterflies come here to lay eggs, so it is common to see them in this season. The fun
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July 14 – 15

River trekking and jumping from the “sky platform”!

Join us for fantastic nature getaway to a beauriful canyon where you can enjoy river trekking, swimming in natural pool and jump from the "sky platform" to the water! We will jump
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June 29 – July 1

Dragon boat race in the sea + kayaking/SUP and zongzi!

******DESTINATION****** Fengxian district, Shanghai You may wonder where the beach in Shanghai is and why no one is going there? Actually the beach is nice for 1 day trip near Shanghai.
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June 17

Dragon boat race, swimming, river trekking + rafting in Anji!

  Go crouching tiger, hidden dragon! Anji Rafting+ Dragon boat race + Hiking in bamboo forest+ bonfire! Date: June 16-18th (Dragon boat holiday) Destination: Anji, Zhejiang Forget about Shanghai pollution! Visit
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June 16 – 18

Inner Mongolia: desert and grassland adventures! May holiday

Explore Inner Mongolia: here you can meet with Mongolian tradition and culture, admire open grassland, desert and blue sky! The highlights:  * Visit Mongolian family and live in a traditional yurt
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April 29 – May 1, June 16 – 18