1 day Relax in Hot Springs!

Treat yourself a day of relax and enjoyement in NATURAL hot springs resort just 2 hours away from Shanghai! Baths with milk, lavender, rose, red wine, ginseng, coffee...
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Nov 19th

2 days luxury hot springs escape + ancient town!

Spend a weekend in a luxurious 5 star hotel and hot springs with your beloved one or your whole family! A weekend of relax, healthy hot springs baths, tasty food and
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Dec 2 – 3

Explore stunning Guilin: Longji terraces and Yangshuo! 探索桂林迷人的隆基梯田和阳朔!

Explore what Guilin has to offer: get lost in cascading rice terraces like nowhere else, bike in the countryside to the famous moon hill, take a picture on ancient bridge, relax
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Dec 22 – 24

Luxurious hot springs escape!

Spend a weekend in a luxurious 5 star hotel and hot spring! A weekend of relax, healthy hot springs baths, tasty food and cultural discovery - an ancient town with more
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Maple tree festival and off-trail hiking!

In this trip we will visit the famous mountaun holding maple tree festival with acrobatic perfomances, beautiful red leaves, fresh air, lakes and views from the mountain!
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Nov 12th

Yoga and meditation retreat in a temple! 寺庙瑜伽和冥想!

If you are looking for a getaway where you can really get away from it all, treat yourself a weekend of detox, relax, purification and inner peace and balance! No matter
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Oct 5 – 7

Hike Wuyue Ancient Trail and Largest Heavenly Lake!

Have picnic at a gorgeous Heavenly lake at the height of 1100 meters above sea level - number 1 lake in Southern China!
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Oct 5 – 7

Let’s visit chocolate factory together!

All you can eat organic Austrian artisan chocolate... what else can you ask for? Do you know how chocolate is created? What do freshly roasted cocoa beans or cheese in chocolate taste like?
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Sept 16

Relax in the swimming pool in bamboo forest!

Join us for a relaxing weekend in bamboo forest: relax in the swimming pool surrounded  by the forest, enjoy a leisure hike to see waterfalls, try rafting and meet new friends
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Sept 9 – 10

One day in exclusive sand beach and wave pool! 在专属沙滩放松一下!

Enjoy this summer with the sun, sand and “sea” at the Beachfront Wave Pool! Relax, get tanned and soak in the sun with a refreshing drink!
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Aug 13