3 days
Jan 28th – Feb 1st

Shaolin Temple is reputed to be ‘the Number One Temple under Heaven’.  It is the cradle of the Chinese Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin Martial Arts, and a must-see while in China.

In our trip you will have a unique chance to learn kongfu from Shaolin temple master, watch the kongfu perfomance, visit one of the biggest pagoda forests in China, explore the cave where the first patriarch meditated for 9 years and still preserves his shadow, hike Songshan mt – the birthplace of China Zen Buddhism, explore huge buddha carvings in Longmen grottos  and Luyang old town and chill in the hot springs at the the end of the trip!

private bus, hotel with breakfast, entrance fee as per itinerary kongfu lesson, Bai da jin lesson, kongfu perfomance
English speaking trip leader insurance
train tickets, lunches and dinners, personal expenses


Suggested train schedule (we can help you to book if needed):

28.01 G1952 Shanghai Hongqiao – Zhengzhou East 08:16-13:09 –  450 rmb

01.02 G1820 Zhengzhou East – Shanghai Hongqiao 13:16 -18:08 – 450 rmb

Please note: train tickets get sold out very fast, please book at least 60 days in advance!

Book your seat ASAP, there are only 30 seats in this trip!

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Day 1: Zhengzhou/Dengfeng

Take an early train Shanghai Hongiqao – Zhengzhou East 08:16 – 13:09.
Arrive to Zhengzhou and take bus to Dengfeng, where Shaolin temple is located. After a short rest, we will have a Shaolin kongfu lesson from Shaolin temple master. Check in hotel and enjoy the night. (Stay at WEILAIYI JU Hotel or similar)


Day 2: Dengfeng

In the morning will learn Shaolin Ba Duan Jin with Shaolin Martial arts Monks and watch the Kung Fu demonstration. Afterwards we will explore Shaolin Temple and visit Pagoda Forest, one of the largest pagoda forests in China. Hike to Bodhidarma Cave in the afternoon.

Shaolin Ba Duan Jin is one of the earliest exercises practiced by the Shaolin monks. It was said that it was created by Lingqiushan, an eminent monk who lived until the age of 109. It accelerates the circulation of blood, regulates the qi and blood, and promotes the metabolism of the body. Practice it for a long time, it can improve your consitituion and prolong life.

The Bodhidharma Cave is situated on top of the central peak of Wuru Peak, northwest to the monastery. It is the place where the Patriarch Bodhidharma used to face the wall in meditation for nine years. It is said Bodhidarma’s shadow was reflected upon a stone and embedded on it with clear creases of his clothes because of the long time meditation. That is the stone called “Stone of Bodhidharma’s Shadow”, which was one of relics preserved and exhibited in the monastery.


Day 3: Dengfeng

Visit Song Yang Ancient Academy in the morning and spend the rest of the day hiking Mt. Songshan.

Songyang Academy was an institution of higher education in ancient China. You can see the style of the Qing Dynasty in the layout of the academy. More than 500 rooms still exist so far in the academy.

Songyang Mountain is the birthplace of China Zen Buddhism, and is the home of many wondrous temples, including the most ancient pagoda in China, Songyue Temple pagoda. There are 72 mountains, many valleys, caves, pools and waterfalls, each of which provides the visitor with a unique and wonderful experience. The landscape is so unique that it has been given the title of ‘International Geological Park’ by UNESCO.


Day 4: Luoyang/Zhengzhou

Go to Luyoang in the morning, visit the White horse temple, wander around in the Luoyang Old Town. Explore Longmen Grottoes in the afternoon and drive back to Zhengzhou. It’s time to relax and soak in the hot spring at night!

The White horse temple is the symbol of the first time that Buddhism appeared in China and is called the ‘Founder’s Home’ and the ‘Cradle of Buddhism in China’.

Luoyang was the capital of the Eastern Han Empire (25 AD- 220 AD). It is the best place to find remaining ancient architecture. One special feature of the area is a Muslim community. You can visit a Muslim restaurant,shops and see the lives of the people on the streets.

Longmen Grottoes are one of most famous treasure houses of stone inscriptions in China and were named “an outstanding manifestation of human artistic creativity,”by UNESCO. The grottos are one of the finest examples of Chinese Buddhist art, Housing tens of thousands of memes of Buddha and his disciples.


Day 5: Zhengzhou

Check out from the hotel and visit Henan National Museum. Transfer back to the train station, take train Zhengzhou East – Shanghai Hongqiao. See you next time!