Best Pictures / moments in 2016!

Best Pictures / moments in 2016!

Bravo! Wanna Travel is 2 years old! Here is our 2016 from cameras – Our amazing travelers have enjoyed more than 50 different destinations in China, our great team has organized more than 150 trips and united more than 2000 people to travel with us! Here is our selection of the best moments in 2016! Find yourself there!

January 2016: Skiing and hot springs in bamboo forest with lots and lots of snow!

February 2016: Trip to Wild China! Rice terraces, gorgeous sunrise over the sea of cloud, hiking and making new friends!

Tibet and Everest base camp trip during Spring festival! On the top of the world!

March 2016: Jiuhua mountain (9 glorious) hiking and enjoying sea of cloud!

Horse riding on the island and BBQ!

April 2016: Wanna Home and Wanna Travel store opening!

China’s best Oxygen bar trip – a unique experience of a real village life!

Watery rice terraces in Guilin!

Camping, bbq and bonfire party and watching sunrise on the magnificent Great wall!


May 2016: The first ones to watch sunrise in China from the highest mountain in East China!

Yoga and meditation retreat in a temple!

4 windows rock hiking and chilling trip!


June 2016: Words of appreciation to our trip leader

Taking part in Dragon boat race in Anji!

Private tour for AGIC in Lin’an!

July 2016: Swimming in natural pool and rafting fun!

August 2016: Water trekking in Anji!

Cycling on Chongming island, the third biggest island in China!

Kayaking at Qiandao (1000 islands) lake!

September 2016: Paragliding from 300 meters high mountain!

Yellow mountains trip!

October 2016: Breathtaking sea of cloud at the Sunrise mountain!

Terrific sea of cloud in the Yellow mountains!

EF teachers in Xinjiang!

Halloween zombie run!

November 2016: 19 peaks hiking trip!


Single’s Masquerade party!


December 2016:

Exploring the South capital – Nanjing and enjoying the hot springs!

Luxury hot spring escape and exploring ancient town!

Welcome the year of rooster, new goals and and new destinations for 2017! Be part of Wanna Travel club!

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