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  It’s what Indian mountaineer Anshu Jamsenpa did at the weekend when she unfurled her country’s flag at 8848 metes above sea level on May 21, just days after doing the same thing. Shehad reached the peak three days earlier, before heading back down to do the arduous trek all over again. Her

Like a railway to heaven, sky train to Tibet is the highest train in the world. Qinghai -Tibet railway goes from Xining to Lhasa and looks like a huge dragon spanning the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The total length is 1956 kilometers. A section of 960 kilometers of railway is more than

Many wonder: when is the best time to visit Tibet to plan their lifetime journey to the holly land better? Depending on your purpose of visiting, every single month is the best time to visit Tibet! Spring (April–May) The weather becomes warm during spring and the ice melts. It is

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What do you know about Tibet? By Katie S. Where is Tibet (I’m gonna be totally honest, I don’t know)?   So it’s between Nepal (didn’t know that) and China (did know that). The Tibetan people practice Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam (quite a melting pot for beliefs). There are

Professional hiking trip leader with 5000 meters level summit certificate and years of experience! Check out his biography: Huma has been a passionate and professional hiking group leader since 2012. He is a Shanghainese and his first hike was in 1998. You will be impressed by his background! In 1998,