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Pictures from our 19 peaks hiking trip in Xinchang county, Zhejiang! Amazing countryside, tea terraces, wooden bridges, welcoming local people and breathtaking nature: green blue river, waterfalls, stunning view of the whole valley from the peaks… We rappelled to the top and hiked 10 out of 19 peaks! A great

Breathtaking pictures of a huge sea of cloud in our trip to the Yellow mountains (Huangshan)! Enjoy watching and welcome to join our next trip to this magnificent place on January 1-3rd. Follow us:

Private tour for AGIC (l’Associazione Giovani Italiani In Cina): Wild trail hiking, waterfalls, swimming: Lin’an Big Dragon bay! JUne 24-26th. 30 members of AGIC joined us for a fun weekend! See you next time!

China’e Best Oxygen Bar trip! (Dragon boat festival June 9-11th). 31 cust0mers and 1 lucky draw winner have joined our trip to Pan’an countty to explore an ancient village, hike through rice and tea terraces to the mountain top and visit incredible scenic area with green blue river and countless

Trip to Wild China: camping and water gun fight! June 9-11th (Dragon boat festival): camping in the nature, hiking rice terraces and bamboo forest, exploring hidden village, swim in a natural pool in a beautiful and isolated part of Zhejiang province! Join us for our next trip to this incredible

Our 4th “WIN A TRIP” this year is on again! Take part in the competition and win one of these 5 amazing trips! See details in the end of the article! Dragon boat festival trips: June 9-11. Choose your favorite one! 1. Dragon boat race, rafting and 19 KM hiking in

Professional hiking trip leader with 5000 meters level summit certificate and years of experience! Check out his biography: Huma has been a passionate and professional hiking group leader since 2012. He is a Shanghainese and his first hike was in 1998. You will be impressed by his background! In 1998,