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Capital: Lhasa Chinese Name: 西藏 (xī zàng) Location: Located in the southwest of China   Tibet enchants tourists from China and abroad with its landscape, religious traditions, culture, and its unsolved mysteries.At any mention of this land, the images of snowy mountains, mirror-like lakes, Potala Palace and Buddhist disciples immediately come to

Breathtaking pictures of a huge sea of cloud in our trip to the Yellow mountains (Huangshan)! Enjoy watching and welcome to join our next trip to this magnificent place on January 1-3rd. Follow us:

Thursday, May 12, 2016 under Travel by Enjoy Team EnjoyShanghai recently sat down with 5-year Shanghai veteran MuscoviteAnastasia and Xīnjiāng-born Sheng (who has a degree in organic chemistry btw), the brains behind adventure/ecotourism travel agencyWanna Travel, which organizes trips out of Shanghai into the lesser-known corners of China. Over a cup of coffee at