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We aim to offer you the best tourist-friendly service. Our guides are passionate and full of knowledge, they will offer you the best help they can possibly do  throughout the tour     What is your next adventure? “Yellow Mountains for sure!”         The Yellow Mountains trip

Breathtaking pictures of a huge sea of cloud in our trip to the Yellow mountains (Huangshan)! Enjoy watching and welcome to join our next trip to this magnificent place on January 1-3rd. Follow us:

Mountains, That’s How (gotcha!) Mountains China is home to so many mountains, that they cover 2/3rds of its land (so you’ll probably come across one while you’re here). But if you’re like me and only have a short time here, here are the top 3 must sees: Huangshan Mountain, Anhui

Professional hiking trip leader with 5000 meters level summit certificate and years of experience! Check out his biography: Huma has been a passionate and professional hiking group leader since 2012. He is a Shanghainese and his first hike was in 1998. You will be impressed by his background! In 1998,

Trip to Yellow mountains and Tunxi old town: watching rice cake making, tasting local snacks, hiking West sea Canyon and Jade Screen Budda area, seeing the sunset. 19 people joined us this time for trip to these spectacular mountains above the clouds! Join us next time on June 24-26th!