Plum blossom festival + strawberry picking trip! 23.02

It's the best place to see the plum sea in a real Chinese village where you will also have a chance to pick up strawberries and take them with you. It's
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Feb 23

Harbin Ice and Snow festival!

Visit the first Snow Country in China: the famous Harbin Ice Festival Wonderland, the biggest Siberian Tiger park in the world, wander around Russian street and visit the biggest Orthodox church
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Feb 17 – 19

One day relax in the natural hot springs!

It's time to treat your body and soul relaxing natural hot springs... Treat yourself a day of relax and enjoyment in NATURAL hot springs resort! There are 33 indoor and outdoor
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Feb 7

One day ancient ghost trail hiking!

Get away from the city noise for one day hiking of mysterious ghost trail! According to the legend, a man and a ghost fell in love near the temple located on
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Feb 6

UNFORGETTABLE CNY: Trip to Wild China! Shangri-la of the East!

It is time to turn off your cell phone, pack everything you need to survive in a isolated but beautiful part of east zhejiang province!
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Feb 5 – 7

4 days CNY escape: Air Vitamin mt. + magical hot springs!

We will bring you to Air Vitamin mountain area where you can relax in the magical springs in Wuyi, Zhejiang province for this special CNY. We will hike, laugh and make
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Feb 5 – 8

Discover amazing Laos and its nature for CNY!

Visit Laos - "The land of Million Elephants"! : - Trek through glimmering rice paddies; - Explore subterranean caves; - Traverse Mekong river on kayak; - Visit minority villages; - Swim
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Feb 4 – 11

Tibet and Everest base camp!

8 days tour in Tibet during the Chinese New Year including visiting of Lhasa, the highest city in the world, the highest monastery in the world as well as overnight at
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Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May

Hiking and skiing at Daming mountain!

Lin'an Secret Bay: a gorgeous hidden spot with countless waterfalls and diverse nature! Hike through bamboo forest, rice terraces and waterfalls! Hike to Daming mountain ("little brother of Yellow mountain") and
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Jan 25 – 27

One day hiking and hot springs trip!

Join us for a half day hiking at mountain Shu: walking across a bamboo forest, we will pass a beautiful temple and reach the top to admire the view and appreciate the
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Jan 20