Oct 5 – 7

WannaTravel offers more than a trip!

Explore ancient stone village that still preserves habits of lifestyle from a century ago and try local snacks; make dumplings together and have them for dinner; local chief will make local specialty food. Make new friends and have bonfire party and sing songs till late! Hike to the top of the mountain and see a 270 degrees panoramic view from the peak! Walk on the glass bridge or try zipling if you dare! Finish the trip by taking a lot of pictures at green blue river and waterfalls, here you can also take a bamboo boat or have fun in adventure park. This trip will give you a chance to experience the real countryside lifestyle and the beautiful views will stay in your memory for long time!

Destination: Pan’an county, Zhejiang

Have you ever heard about Pan’an county? It’s an amazing hidden from majority of tourists place with incredible mountains scenery, green blue river, green valleys, stunning waterfalls, tea terraces, ancient towns and clean air! The air quality and 99% of the water quality of this place is up to the national standards of class A, that is why it is called “China’s forest oxygen bar!

Traveling alone? It is more than a trip: It is an ideal chance to make friends, share this amazing experience and cheers at bonfire party!

Visit gorgeous stone village and observe local rural life

Enjoy breathing in clean air in the gorgeous valley with green blue lake and beautiful waterfalls!

Learn from local people how to make dumplings!

Optional activities: try zipling! 660 m high and 660 m long (100 rmb)

Walk on the glass bridge:

The glass bridge is 88 meters long, 88 meters high and 2.6 meters wide!

Take a bamboo boat! (10 rmb)



RETURN TIME Day 3 – 20:00
WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING 你需要带: passport*, towel, toiletteries, warm clothes, hiking/sports shoes and clothes, mosquito repellent, energetic snacks. 护照*,毛巾,toiletteries,暖和的衣服,徒步旅行/运动鞋和衣服,蚊子驱虫剂,精力充沛的零食。
private bus, rafting fee 2 nights accommodation in a local guest house (double occupancy)
meals as per itinerary (except for lunch on day 2) entrance tickets to the scenic area, local guide, bonfire, English speaking trip leader


single supplement (300 rmb), lunch on day 2 (every participants needs to prepare themselves), optional activities(zipline, glass bridge, bamboo boat)
 drinks, invoice



Local guest house with ensuite hot shower, no aircon (you can add 20 rmb/night if you need A/C)



Price: 1299 rmb

Early bird price: 1199 rmb (book before June 1st)


Sounds like a plan? SIgn up now, only limited spots are available!

How to book:

1) Fill up the booking form on our website: www.wanna-travel.com/book-now/

2) Secure YOUR SEAT by transferring 500 RMB deposit 

3) Send us the picture of the transaction and receive the confirmation

Cancelation policy: in case of cancelation, the deposit is not refundable and cannot be used for another trip unless the replacement has been provided.



Day 1

8:00 Meet at People’s square 在人民广场见面

13:30 Arrive to the guest house and have late lunch 到宾馆,晚午餐

16:00 Visit Ancient Stone Village, observe rural life 参观古村,体验乡村生活

18:00 Make dumplings for dinner together! 一起包饺子吃晚饭!

19:00 Dinner and bonfire party! Cheers with new friends! 下午晚餐和篝火晚会!与新朋友干杯!


Day 2

8:00 Breakfast 吃早餐

8:30 Go to the scenic area of the green blue river and waterfall! Enjoy breathtaking views! 去的风景区绿色蓝色的河流和瀑布!享受惊人的观点! (optional activities: bamboo boat, water slide, advenure park)

13:00 Picnic lunch

14:00 Relax in the guesthouse or join optional activities: glass bridge+zipline!

18:30 Dinner and bonfire party! Cheers with new friends! 晚餐和篝火晚会!与新朋友干杯!


Day 3

8:00 Breakfast and check-out 吃早餐

9:00 Drive to the rafting spot

10:00 Rafting time! The length of the river is 3400 meters.

12:00 Finish and take shower

12:30 Lunch 吃午饭

14:00 Go back to Shanghai 回到上海

20:00 Arrive to People’s square 到达人民广场