One day Hengsha island cycling trip! 14.05

Date: May 14th, Sunday Let's enjoy a relaxing cycling day on a beautiful island far away from city noise, enjoy peaceful nature and views of Yantze river and forests! It's a
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May 14

Chengdu pandas and the biggest buddha in the world!

Visit pandas, enjoy Sichuan hot pot, walk in the famous Wide and Narrow Chengdu oldest lanes, stop and have a tea in an ancient tea house, take a selfie in front
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April 29 – May 1

Social Thai party – Thai New Year celebration!

Culture and cuisine discovery 4th edition: Thailand! (Check out review of our previous Indian party by Global times: "Suksan Wan Songkran" means "Happy New Year" in Thai. Songkran festival is celebrated
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April 15

Live on the top of Moganshan mountain!

Date: April 2-4th. Tomb sweeping festival "Mogan" in Chinese means "don't do anything". So try to truly relax and make a real holiday trip! Beautiful nature, waterfalls, bamboos, clean air and
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April 2 – 4th

Social Indonesian party!

Culture and cuisine discovery 2nd edition: Indonesia! Discover the culture and cuisine of Indonesia with us! Let's have a social party to meet new people, try delicious Indonesian food cooked by Indonesian
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Feb 17

Kongfu legend: visit Shaolin temple during the Spring festival!

Visit Shaolin temple: learn kongfu from Shaolin temple master, watch the kongfu perfomance,  explore huge buddha carvings in Longmen grottos  and Luyang old town and chill in the hot springs at the
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3 days
Jan 28th – Feb 1st

Christmas trip: skiing + hot springs in Beijing!

Christmas in Beijing: play with snow, soak in the hot springs, enjoy the real Beijing duck and finally ski the whole morning in the real snowy slopes!
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Dec 24th – 25th

Tongli water town and crab tasting!

Visit Tongli water town, known as "the Oriental Venice" due to its unique scenery. ts rivers, streets, bridges, civil residences, and gardens are integrated perfectly as one!
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Nov 26th – 27th

Halloween Horror Zombie run!

Shanghai zombies will unite on October 29th to run together! Do not miss this historical moment!
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3 days
Oct 29th

Wonders of Yunnan: Shangri-la, Lijiang, Tiger leaping gorge! 云南!

Discover the Wonders of Yunnan: get in close touch with friendly Naxi ethnic minority people in LIjiang, ride a horse along mountain slopes, visit the biggest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan, witness
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3 days
Oct 1st – 7th